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NEWMEN Hub FADE Road 12x142 SP CL 24h XDR boxed

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Produktnummer: 906730000
Hersteller: Newmen
Hersteller-Nr.: 90673

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Länge: 203 mm
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Produktinformationen "NEWMEN Hub FADE Road 12x142 SP CL 24h XDR boxed"

Our new hub generation.The most notable difference compared to the previous Evolution hubs is the newly designed and large dimensioned FADE driver.Inside the hub now are three pawls instead of the previous star ratchets. The develpment targets of our new FADE driver were:- maintaining the same durability- reduction of the freewheel noise- further increasing reliabilityThe large diameter of the FADE driver reduces the forces which occur inside the freewheel. A particularly short and wide pawldesign distributes the forces evenly onto a large area which helps with homogenous force transmission inside the hub. Theratchet ring has a special shape which significantly reduces noise. We intentionally went for 36 engagement points since moreengagement points reduce hub durability noticeably on our testing rigs. Also we experienced more pedal feedback whenexperimenting with higher engagement hubs on full suspension bikes.As with the predecessor hubs, the body has more material around the critical areas compared to competitor hubs which results inincreased durability and safety. We are convinced enough by the durability of these hubs to allow them to be used with any Ebikeon the market. Of course all rear hubs are available with all three driver options (Microspline, XD, HG).

Material:Alloy 7075
Gewicht netto:0.192
Features:33 teeth / 3 pawls
Farbe: Schwarz
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